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Article 1 - Object

The present terms and conditions apply to all contracts concluded with New Event Mosaic cvba, also known as Event Mosaic and hereafter also called like Event Mosaic. The client agrees to be bound by the present terms and condi- tions.

Any stipulations derogating from the present terms and conditions must be agreed upon expressly and in writing between the client and Event Mosaic and shall apply solely to the elements stated explicitly in this derogation. All the other conditions of sale shall continue to apply.

In the event that one or more provisions of the present contract should be invalid, this shall affect the validity neither of the other provisions nor of the contract as a whole.

Article 2 - Conclusion of the contract

Event Mosaic is a producer of promotional materials (including brochures, social media and website) and custom-made price quotes for events and services.
These quotes and promotional materials are merely indicative and entail no commitment on the part of Event Mosaic.

Any contract between Event Mosaic and the client is concluded under the suspensive condition that all or part of the provisions of the contract may be revoked by Event Mosaic within a term of fourteen days after signature; any contract between Event Mosaic and the client is therefore not definitive until fourteen days after signature.

The client undertakes to pay an advance sum of 70% of the amount owed to Event Mosaic under the terms of the present contract within a period of twenty days after signing the contract and thirty days prior to the event at the latest. This advance sum shall be transferred into bank account n° KBC BE 55 7380 4009 2344 of Event Mosaic.

Failure to transfer this advance sum into the above-mentioned account within the term stipulated, entails the automatic and ipso jure dissolution of the contract at the expense of the client.
In the event of a late reservation, i.e. if the contract is concluded within a term of fourteen days prior to the event, it shall be concluded under the suspensive condition of revocation of all or part of its provisions by Event Mosaic within two days following signature. In this case, the client undertakes to transfer the full amount as stipulated under the terms of the present contract within four days following signature into bank account n° BE 55 7380 4009 2344 of Event Mosaic; failure to transfer the full sum into the above-mentioned account within the term stipulated, entails the automatic and ipso jure dissolution of the contract at the expense of the client.

Article 3 - Price

All the prices proposed by Event Mosaic are stated in euros and possible per person and are exclusive of VAT.
No price distinction is made between adults and children. In the event of an unforeseen/unexpected price increase for all or one of the elements of the event, Event Mosaic reserves the right to adjust its prices.

Article 4 - Terms of payment and change of numbers

After the signing of the contract, there is a deposit of 70% to be paid. This deposit needs to be on the account of Event Mosaic ultimately 30 days before the event and all costs are at charge of the client. If not, the event is cancelled. In case of a late confirmation (less than 14 days prior to the event date), the full amount (100%) needs to be on the bank account of Event Mosaic.

The invoice for the balance, amounting to 30% of the full sum, is forwarded following the activity. This sum is to be settled within 30 days following the invoice date at the latest.
The client can change the number of people up to 10 days prior to the event without costs and until 10% of the agreed total of people. If there are more participants than provided for in the contract, an extra price per additional participant will be charged, equal to the agreed price per participant.

In the event of default, the outstanding amount will be increased automatically, ipso jure and without notice of default by an interest equal to 1.2% per month commenced.
In addition, the client shall owe Event Mosaic automatically, ipso jure and without notice of default, damages equalling at least 25% of the amount payable, without prejudice to the right in respect of Event Mosaic to claim compensation for the full damage it has suffered, if said damage should exceed the fixed minimum referred to above. Failure to pay may be consid- ered by Event Mosaic as a cancellation of the contract.

Article 5 - Terms of cancellation

If the client so desires, it may cancel the activity after the conclusion of the contract.
Depending on the date of cancellation, the cancellation costs are:

-  Up to 30 days prior to the activity: 50% of the full sum

-  Up to 14 days prior to the activity: 70% of the full sum

-  In the event of late reservations (booked 14 days prior to the com-

mencement of the activity), the full sum shall be retained in case of

The above provision is made without prejudice to the right in respect of Event Mosaic to claim full compensation for the damage it has incurred, if this dam- age should exceed the fixed minimum (for instance with hotel and airline contract where more strict conditions apply).

Article 6 - Cancellation by Event Mosaic

Event Mosaic seeks to ensure that the service, the people, the activities (whether or not supplied by third parties), the organisation and the ancillary

services it provides meet the descriptions set forth in the present contract to the extent possible.
Event Mosaic reserves the right to cancel activities in case of circumstances beyond its control (including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, weather conditions, technical breakdowns, accidents, faulty materials etc.) or to seek a suitable alternative in agreement with the client.

In the event that the client should reject the alternative proposed, Event Mosa- ic shall be discharged of any of its obligations vis-à-vis the client, in which case the client shall on no account be entitled to damages.
If for reasons of safety Event Mosaic or the safety officer(s) should decide to cancel some activities partly or in full, or not to put certain materials at the disposal of the client, Event Mosaic shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that might thus result in respect of the client. If the full or partial cancellation is due to the client, this will be considered as a cancellation of the contract at the expense of the client.

Article 7 - Time frame

Event Mosaic plans all the proposed activities within a given time frame. If through the agency of the client these activities should last longer than ex- pected (late commencement of the activity, failure to follow up the time mod- ules in an activity carousel etc.), the ensuing costs shall be charged in full to the client.

Article 8 - Liability

Event Mosaic is responsible for the coordination and the planning of the event and for the employees engaged for this purpose.
All employees involved in the organisation other than Event Mosaic's own employees must have a personal liability insurance. Event Mosaic bears no responsibility whatsoever for errors committed by said employees.

Event Mosaic and its employees can on no account be held liable for:

-  The theft, loss or damage of the goods of the participants

-  Physical or material damage caused to the participants by third

parties or by participant(s)

-  Non-compliance with the safety regulations and safety instruc-

tions communicated by the person in charge at the location of

the event, whether or not a third party

-  Accidents or damage caused by motor vehicles or activities on

This also applies to the services provided by these intermediaries insofar as this liability is not covered by the law.
All the materials made available by Event Mosaic for the event shall be com- pensated by the participants in case of loss or damage.
Any physical condition (illness, allergy etc.) that may affect the execution of the activity taken part in, is to be notified in writing prior to the event.
For activities on water, all participants without exception are to be able to swim 100 metres, whilst it is an absolute requirement for every participant to wear a swimming jacket.
The client is liable for any damage caused by inappropriate or unsafe behav- iour by one of the participants or employees.
Furthermore, the legal provisions relating to the driving of vehicles (including but not limited to driving licences, traffic regulations, alcohol levels) are to be respected at all times. After assessment, any damage, either physical or material, is to be reported to Event Mosaic forthwith in order to ascertain the causes and to limit the consequences to the extent possible. This shall be done at the latest within 12 hours after the end of the activity.
In default of an immediate declaration of damage as specified above, Event Mosaic will bear no responsibility whatsoever.
In the event the client uses its own employees, it shall be liable for them and for all their acts.
Event Mosaic seeks to obtain and maintain all relevant licences for the activi- ties it offers. If extra licences should appear to be required unknown to Event Mosaic, it cannot be held liable, even if this requirement should entail the immediate discontinuation of the activities.

Article 9 - Obligations of the client

The client must provide for a personal accident insurance (e.g. through a legal assistance insurance) via its insurance agent or through an approved insur- ance company.

Article 10 - Cancellation

If the client should cancel the contract concluded with Event Mosaic for any reason other than a fault in respect of Event Mosaic, the client shall be bound to compensate Event Mosaic for any damage it suffers as a result of this cancellation.

In the event of cancellation, the client shall pay a compensation amounting to a fixed sum of minimum 40% of the agreed price, without prejudice to the right in respect of Event Mosaic to claim full compensation for any damage suffered should the amount of this damage exceed said fixed minimum.

Article 11

The client grants Event Mosaic permission to record the event by means of photography or video and to use these images for promotional purposes.

Article 12 - Disputes

Any complaints shall be conveyed to Event Mosaic by registered post and at the latest within 8 days after the facts.
Disputes relating to the existence, the interpretation and/or the execution of the present contract, including any disputes relating to payments, fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Bruges (Belgium).

The present contract shall be governed by Belgian Law exclusively.

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