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Company events

We understand how much a strategic event can enhance the effectiveness of our clients business.

With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to produce unique events which reflect their specific requests and requirements.

We provide the best strategy to bring our clients and their audiences together, to create genuine relationships and lasting loyalty. That’s our specialty!

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Seminars & Conferences

With every meeting and conference come a million and one details that have to be addressed.

Event Mosaic provides the necessary support, in conjunction with our vast partner network, to ensure the details are attended to, allowing you the time and the freedom to focus on the big picture, executing a top event.

We can organize the Meet & Greet, check-in, shuttle-service, pressroom, reception at the airport, corporate gifts, and so much more.

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Promotional events

Some of our clients refer to us as their PR company, and others their Events agency, creative consultants or brand managers. Whatever the label applied, our goal is to provide your brand or product with maximum exposure.

At Event Mosaic, we understand that every brand, product or person has a story, and telling that story to your audience is one of our greatest strengths.

We listen carefully to your objectives and tailor strategic promotional events to produce maximum exposure of your product, whether it be promotional tours, sampling campaigns, or demonstrations to your key intermediary customers, or even street events.

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